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The mystery man, prince of puzzles, count of conundrums! Don't be shy now, send me your questions!
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((Ask/RP blog for the Young Justice version of The Ridder. Don't expect it to follow all the show's canon information though.))
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[I’m not here tonight but you can ask Hush. I will answer everything tomorrow.]


Yep, I’m back. Slowly, but back.


Hmmm. The sister of light, the mirror in the night, sparkles with the diamonds but many times as bright. Right?

Yes, yes! You got it right and with a very creative reply! [He smiles wide, pulling a glove down] If more people were like that we wouldn’t need vigilantes going around saving dumb people, I tell you.

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Ey, ask a riddle and I’ll see what I can do. Can’t guarantee anything though.

Oh good!! Someone who’s at least willing to give it a try! Let’s see, this is a very easy one:

 ”Always old, sometimes new, never sad, sometimes blue.
   Never empty, sometimes full, never pushes, always pulls.

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I’m not sure when, but I talked to Alan about redrawing older!Young Justice Riddler a while ago. An older, private detective Riddler is always a good Riddler :y

"Geez, you people have been too quiet, and that’s saying something!! C’mon, how many riddles does a guy have to leave in a city to get some attention here?”

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//Alright!! The blog was remade, the pages were changed and the whole thing looks better. I might as well start tagging AUs and if anyone is interested in coming up with one, just send me a message or something. I’m getting excited over this character again, can I get an amen-

//Gee, I really miss playing with this dork. So here’s the thing: I’ll be spending the day reformulating this blog. Since things went really REALLY away from canon with him, I’ll play up with verses and such to keep it organized so I can play with regular Riddler as well. In a way, nothing changes, but it also does. It’s… weird.

Anonymous: For our next date, what do you think? Conventional cute, fabulous high life, or curl up and put a movie on and not watch it like horny teenagers? - BruceHatesBats

Staying home with a movie would probably be the best for me! I’m working on a few projects of my own and it has been too tiring. Going out on a suit or anything like that doesn’t sound too good right now. Maybe next time… 

But if you’re free this weekend, maybe you could come over? I feel like I know your place too well already, so you might as well get to know where I live properly.

//hurt dork

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Sorry, not the double paper doll. I feel very tired so I prefer drawing like this.


The gap-toothed freak. That’s rude, Dick. Hummm I will change my icon for the small one here :D.

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